How to choose a dating site

Ready? Let’s go. The first step is to decide which platform to download (localhookup com review). There are thousands of them. I try with Tinder, the most popular one, with over 50 million users all over the world. It is simple to use. I upload some photos, I write my age and name. Little information, almost nothing in the description. I set the age limits of the potential partner (30-55) and the range of action, 40 km. Tinder works a bit like a catalog of faces, and thanks to the GPS of the mobile phone it puts you in contact with those around. If you like the profile of the person you meet and she likes yours, click the ‘match’. And you can chat.

Dating for Men-4 Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You


Dating for Men-4 Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You

You’ve finally met a girl you think the world of and you don’t want to make any mistakes and lose her before the relationship even has a chance to grow. What things can you avoid in order to give this fledgling relationship a running start?

Here are a few simple suggestions:

1. If you do everything for her, pay for everything, plan everything around her schedule and the things she likes to do, she will feel like she doesn’t have anything of hers invested in the relationship. A healthy relationship is give and take. If you do all the giving, she will eventually become bored. Here are some ways she can “invest” in the relationship and, therefore, give her more of a stake in making it last:

a. Let her do little things for you that you would do for her. A massage, picking up your dry cleaning when you don’t have time, helping you pick out the perfect gift for your Mom or sister-in-law, meeting you at a restaurant for dinner instead of expecting you to always pick her up.

b. Don’t always pay for everything yourself. Let her pay for dinner, the theater, and the taxi. Suggest that it’s her turn to take you out to dinner and let her surprise you with her choice. When she invites you over for dinner, don’t be shy about telling her the name of your favorite, expensive, wine and ask her to pick up a bottle for the dinner. You can bring the flowers.

c. If she is willing to spend time with you doing the things you like, even if she’d rather be shopping at the mall, she will think, subconsciously, that the relationship must be “deep” and she must really care about you if she shares your preferences instead of always expecting you to do the things she likes.

2. Sometimes a woman will find you interesting as long as you’re a challenge, when she isn’t sure of you. But, unfortunately, as soon as all doubt leaves her mind and she knows you are “hers” for the taking, she may lose interest quickly. It was the “thrill of the hunt” that made you attractive, not the catch. Granted, this type of woman may be shallow and you will probably be better off without her, but if she is really important to you, don’t commit too early in the relationship.

3. Don’t be “needy.” Most women don’t want a wimp that makes them feel that the future happiness of the man is completely in their hands and, if they leave the relationship, the man will be devastated. This is a responsibility most women don’t want.

4. If your family lives close by, mention them from time to time so she is aware of their existence, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to drag her over to meet them. In fact, it would be good for her to suggest that she meet your siblings or parents when she feels comfortable doing so. Also, for a first meeting, a dinner out at a restaurant would probably be better than dragging her to a big family get-together where she will be inundated with tons of new people whose names she won’t remember anyway. Start small and slow.

These are just some simple ideas, but they can make a big difference, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Keep them in mind and you will increase the chances of your relationship growing instead of ending prematurely.

Don Juan Principles You Can Use to Impress a Woman Easily!


Don Juan Principles You Can Use to Impress a Woman Easily!

Don Juan?  Hmmm…  Wikipedia describes Don Juan as a “womanizer” and, in at least one version of the legend of Don Juan, he gets dragged off to Hell by the ghost of the man whose daughter he seduced!

Be that as it may, my favorite version of the Don Juan legend is the 1994 movie, “Don Juan de Marcos” starring Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, and Faye Dunaway.  In fact, several of the women in my life were adamant that every man between the ages of 12 and 92 MUST watch this movie at least 10 times and take copious notes.  I think this movie struck a cord with women and men would be well advised to listen.

That being said, here are some “Don Juan Principles” you can try out in your life:

1.  When you’re going out on the town, dress “dashing.”  Don’t just throw on anything you can find in your closet that would make you look like 98% of the other guys out there.  Make an effort to stand out from the crowd by the clothes you choose to wear.  Remember, first impressions last.

2.  Be assertive!  Don’t congregate with all the other guys.  Do you think your dream woman is going to crash that hurdle to ask YOU to dance?  I don’t think so.  Make the first move. Get out on that dance floor and steal the girl who has caught your eye.

3.  Project confidence.  Walk around like you own the night and every girl there will feel lucky to be seen with you.

4.  When you make contact with your dream girl, don’t just “talk” nonsense stuff to make conversation.  Complicate her; ask her opinion about things; be humorous – show her you’re not the usual run-of-the-mill guy on the make.  Let her know there is some substance to you.

5.  When you are seated with her at a table, and you’ve bought her a drink, keep the conversation going. Ask her how she feels about things – get her talking about her emotions and feelings.  Don’t get nervous and segue into “chit-chat.”

6.  At this point, if you would like her phone number, be smart about asking.  Say something definite like, “Would you like to have dinner with me next week?  How can I get a hold of you?”

Turn yourself into a dashing Don Juan, and your success with the ladies will become legendary.

5 Easy Ways to Know if She or He is Really Interested in You!


5 Easy Ways to Know if She or He is Really Interested in You!

Someone has caught your eye and you would like to get to know them better, but you’re not sure if they even know you exist, let alone if they would like to spend more time with you.  How can you get a feeling for their interest?  Here are 5 suggestions:

1.  Go somewhere with a group of mutual friends and pay attention to how the person you are interested in responds to what you do and say.  Do they stick by your side most of the evening?  Do they listen intently to everything you say?  Is there frequent eye contact between the two of you?  All of these could indicate a higher level of interest than just being “one of the gang.”

2.  If you are planning to go with a group of your friends to something such as a Museum or Zoo outing, ask the person you are interested in if they would like to come with the group, but not necessarily just as your date.  If they are eager to come and your interactions while out with this group are positive, it could indicate that there is a possibility that a more personal date with you might be welcome.

3.  If things seem to be going well in a group environment, and you feel positive about this person’s feelings for you, ask him or her if they would be interested in going out to get something to eat after the group excursion is over.  Or maybe just a cup of coffee – something non-threatening.  If they accept, that’s great!  If not, maybe their reason at the moment is justified.  Maybe they would be happy to have dinner with you another time.  You should be able to tell by their attitude.  In any event, it’s a less threatening way to ask someone out after being together in a group environment than just a “cold call” kind of approach.

4.  Are the two of you college classmates, or peers at the same company?  Ask him or her for help with something you are doing.  Be sincere and make sure the person you are asking has the knowledge or experience to help you with your request.  You will be able to tell by their reaction if they are interested in helping you because they are interested in YOU, or just because they’re a nice person and want to be helpful.

5.  A non-threatening way to give someone a gift is to support a local fundraiser, either through your College or workplace.  This is especially nice around the romantic holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.  You will show them that you thought of them and that you support the fundraising program, two points in your favor.

One thing to keep in mind is that anyone you might be attracted to, if they are worth your time, should be flattered if you let them know that you are “interested” in them.  So, don’t be shy about expressing your interest.  If they are the type of person you think they are, they will let you know in a kind way whether they reciprocate your feelings or not.

5 Places Where You Can Meet Smart, Pretty Women


5 Places Where You Can Meet Smart, Pretty Women

Your first reaction when you want to meet women might be to go to a bar or club.  True, you will meet a lot of interesting women in these kinds of places, but it’s not that easy and the competition is fierce.  Also, a woman who hangs out in a bar or club to meet men might not be exactly the type of women you are interested in at the moment.

Go somewhere where there will be a lot of women and where it is natural to talk to them.  Or where you will be interacting with the women who are there.  This is so much easier than a place where you have to go up to a woman and try to start a conversation out of the blue.  Here are some ideas:

1.  The atmosphere in a yoga class, for example, is relaxed and meditative.  Just the opposite of the bar scene.  Also, there are usually twice as many women as men in a typical class, and most people are very helpful to newcomers.

2.  What’s the latest aerobics “trend” in your area?  Women like to try out the latest thing to stay in shape, so this is a great place to meet vibrant, interested women who care about themselves.  After a class, a lot of people hang out at the coffee shop or juice bar at the health club or in the neighborhood.  This is a great opportunity to discuss the class you just attended or ask for help with a particularly new concept.  Or, just ask their opinion on what’s the best juice drink after a vigorous workout?

3.  If you like your women a little more on the sophisticated side, go to a wine tasting or art show.  Making conversation in these kinds of atmospheres is normal because that’s what people come there to do – discuss the latest, best new wine or the art of an up-and-coming artist.  You might want to read up on the artist or vineyard before you go so you have some points of conversation ready.

4.  One of the least thought about but great places to meet women, especially women who want to be helpful if you’re new – is a pottery class.  I went to pottery classes for three years and, believe me, the women who go to these classes are incredible.  They’re friendly, have great senses of humor (you have to have a sense of humor when you end up with your thumb sticking through the side of the bowl you’re trying to “throw” on the wheel!), they’re very down to earth, and they love to help newcomers.  And, you’ll probably end up with some great pieces of pottery.

Most places also have an outlet where the students sell their pottery and plants, so you could volunteer to work there once a week and meet even more women.

5.  And lastly, don’t forget the various chat rooms on the internet.  The great ones are those where you talk to a variety of people at the same time – kind of in a rotation – and the ones that are interested will keep responding to your answers.

Eventually, you’ll exchange instant messaging addresses and go out of the chat room to talk more one on one.  It’s a great, quick way to meet many interesting women.

So, think about places where women will be and where it will be natural to interact with them, and go to these places.  You will find great women to get to know in a comfortable atmosphere instead of the high-pressure places like bars and clubs.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Dating Phobia


5 Tips to Get Rid of Dating Phobia

The idea of dating can be scary, whether you are just starting out to date or are returning to the dating scene after a many years absence.

Maybe the following things cross your mind:

1.  I wouldn’t know where to start
2.  I’m too old, no one would want to go out with me
3.  I really don’t have time to deal with all the stresses and “games” of dating
4.  I’ve never been lucky dating.  I get all “tongue-tied” and don’t know what to say
5.  I’m a loner.  I’d rather stay home and read a good book
6.  Once burned, twice shy!  I don’t want to take the chance of getting dumped again

And the list goes on.  We are really good at rationalizing our reasons for not doing something we find a challenge.

Here are five tips to help you get past some of your phobias for not dating:

1.  Take some time to give SERIOUS thought to any experiences you may have had in the past that make you afraid to take the risk of dating now.  Chances are you’ll realize that the situation then is not even remotely like the situation you are living in now.  You may have been extremely young and/or the person you approached might have been tactless and naive.  You might have been more emotionally vulnerable then so the impression the “rejection” left on you might have been stronger than it warranted.  Just let go of the feelings associated with any negative dating experience, and move on.

2.  Start slow.  Go to “no risk” environments where you can interact with people of the opposite sex in a non-threatening way. For example, attend a seminar on a topic of interest to you or that is relevant to your business.

3.  Go to the types of places that you are comfortable in and where you would meet people of the opposite sex that have the same interests and values as you do.  Don’t hang out at bars or nightclubs if that is not the type of person you want to date.

4.  Go to night school and take a class in something that you are really passionate about. Not only will you meet men and women who have the same interests as you, you will have something to “talk” about.

5.  If you are shy or still have a problem approaching someone of the opposite sex, consider getting counseling.  A good counselor can help you get to the root of your phobia so you can move on with your life.

Like any new and worthwhile experience in life, dating can be full of uncertainties.  There is no “magic formula” for always having a positive and successful encounter, but you shouldn’t let that stop you.  Keep trying.  Remember, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

College Dating: 5 Frugal Dating Ideas


College Dating: 5 Frugal Dating Ideas

College is an exciting time, but it can also be financially restrictive.  So, what do you do if someone you see on campus catches your eye and you would like to spend some time with them, but money is limited?  Here are some ideas that won’t set you back a bundle and will be fun for you and your date:

1.  Is this a new community for the two of you?  If so, contact your local Chamber of Commerce and see if they have guided tours or walking-tour maps of the community.  Especially if you’re going to be there for two – four years, it would be nice to see what kinds of local interests there are.  If one of you is already familiar with the area?  They could be the “guide” sharing their familiarity with the community.

2. A much more intimate evening out, and usually one that is a lot less expensive, is to go to dinner at a smaller restaurant which is owned and operated by a local family.  Avoid the big chain restaurants with their copy-cat menus.  Find something small and unique to the area in which you are now living.  Not only will the food be more delicious, and home-cooked, you could become friends with the proprietors and enjoy their friendship for the length of your college years.

3. When the weather is nice, you could pack a picnic lunch and go for a hike or spend the day at the beach, depending on the area you are in.  Even a bike ride to a flower-filled meadow next to a running brook can be romantic and won’t cost a cent except for the lunch.

4. A lot of the bigger bookstores have book and poetry readings and they are usually free.  Some even have mini-shows by local singers and artists and sell their CDs at a discount, plus you can get them autographed!  Go out for coffee afterwards and, if you just attended a poetry reading, take turns trying to write the next award winning poem on your napkins!  Who knows. . . you could end up having your own poetry reading.

5.  Weekends during the summer you can visit your local farmer’s markets.  This is a good place to pick up some great fresh fruit and other foods.  Take a small ice chest with you to pack your purchases in and head off for a day at the zoo!

College is an exciting time and the memories you retain from your college days will stay with you for the rest of your life.  If you give some thought to how you spend your time with that someone special, not only will you save money, but you will have unique memories to look back on.  Much better than night after night of pizza and beer at the student center!

Top 6 Things Women Should Focus on For Making a Great Impression on First Meeting


Top 6 Things Women Should Focus on For Making a Great Impression on First Meeting

Here is the list of the top 6 things men notice in a woman within 5 seconds of meeting her that will make or break if he finds you attractive or not.

1.  Your SMILE – this is so important, not only for the impression you give but for yourself as well.  A smile projects an image of self-confidence, it makes you feel happy inside, and it gives you a sense of calmness.  If you don’t like to smile because you are self-conscious about your teeth – maybe they are too yellow, or crooked – visit your dentist and see what can be done.  Your smile is the first thing a man notices about you.  Make sure he isn’t disappointed.

2.  Your HAIR – needless to say, clean, shiny, healthy hair is very important.  Your “crowning glory” should reflect your personality.  A good hair cut can help you keep every strand in place and show that you care about yourself enough to make the effort.

3.  Your MAKEUP – your makeup can make or break the first impression you give to a man.  Firstly, most men get turned off by women who don’t wear any makeup.  It shows a lack of concern about yourself or that you are just too lazy to make the effort.  On the other hand, too much makeup is also a turnoff for men.  Who wants to wade through six inches of “goop” just to see the woman underneath?

4.  Your EYES – Your eyes are the mirror to your soul.  What do your eyes express? Do you exude serenity and compassion, genuine interest in what the other person has to say.  Or do your eyes dart around the room when someone is talking to you, giving the impression that you’re not really “there” and focused on the person in front of you.  Makeup comes under this category, also.  If your eyes are hidden behind false eyelashes and tons of eye makeup, who can see what your eyes are really saying?

5.  Your CLEAVAGE – Do you show too much?  Is your push-up bra working overtime to put your cleavage in the spotlight?  Do you have the attitude, “it pays to advertise?”  Well, this is not an attraction for a man who wants to get to know you.  If all you are looking for is a quick sexual encounter, then that’s exactly the kind of man you will attract when you overdo the cleavage.  If you are wearing something low-cut, let it be natural.  This is far more attractive to a man.

6.  Your SHOES and/or FEET – One big turn-off for men is scruffy shoes that look like they haven’t been cleaned or polished for the last six months.  You may think no one will pay attention, but that’s not the case!  Keep your shoes as clean and in repair as any of your other items of clothing.  It shows that you care about your appearance and the impression you are giving.  As to your feet, are they cracked and dry and your toenails need clipped? This will not give a good impression either.  Invest in a pedicure frequently and keep your feet smooth with a good lotion.  Also, make sure to keep your toenails clipped.

So don’t think your figure is the only thing a man will notice about you.  Keep your whole ‘package’ in shape and your first impression will be a good one.

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